Hello! We have a new open-source release of Soufflé for you. Key features are

  1. Rewrote Interpreter for enhanced performance (XiaowenHu96,HerbertJordan)
  2. Add SWIG interface (detljh,chadgavin,honghyw)
  3. Improved C++ interface and documentation (detljh,chadgavin,honghyw)
  4. C++ interface allows specification of thread count (mmcgr)
  5. Added RAM analysis to debug report (b-scholz)
  6. New provenance instrumentation storing subproof heights (ssallinger)
  7. Compiles with MSVC (brianfairservice)
  8. Provenance interface supports querying results (yuli6313)
  9. Removed mpi support
  10. C++17 used for synthesised code
  11. Performance enhancements
  12. Bug fixes