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Need support for Soufflé? Try the following:


Our guide to Soufflé covering building, installation, writing logic programs, compiling and running programs, interfaces, and more.

Issue List

Find the issue on the main Souffle development. File an issue if you think you have found a new bug. Use the issue list for

  • bug reporting

  • enhancements

  • documentation

  • proposals

  • releases

  • compatibility issues

  • refactoring.


Use the discussions bulletin board to engage with other community members and for asking questions you’re wondering about.

How to contribute

Issues and bug reports for Souffle are found in the issue list. This list is also where new contributors may find extensions / bug fixes to work on.

To contribute in this repo, please open a pull request from your fork of this repository. The general workflow is as follows:

  1. Find an issue in the issue list.

  2. Fork the souffle-lang/souffle repo.

  3. Push your changes to a branch in your forked repo.

  4. Submit a pull request to souffle-lang/souffle from your forked repo.

Our continuous integration framework enforces coding guidelines with the help of clang-format and clang-tidy. For more information on building and developing Souffle, please read the developer tutorial.


Search for Souffle and Datalog on Google.