Hello! We have a new release of Soufflé for you. Key features are

  1. improved parallel performance (HerbertJordan)
  2. improved operators hints in btree (HerbertJordan)
  3. extended progress logging in verbose mode (mmcgr)
  4. added to_string and to_number functors (b-scholz)
  5. added live profiler (mmcgr)
  6. changed profile output format to json (mmcgr)
  7. profile output is determinate for easier parsing (mmcgr)
  8. profiler tracks memory and cpu usage during execution (mmcgr)
  9. profiler tracks load/store times (mmcgr)
  10. multiple input directives may be declared in one step (mmcgr)
  11. simplify scripting by handling missing files (mmcgr)
  12. MPI engine (lyndonhenry)