Hello! We have a new release of Soufflé for you. Key features are

  1. User defined functors (b-scholz)
  2. Rewritten code generation (taipan-snake)
  3. Improved Provenance via generated data structures (taipan-snake)
  4. Profile cpu & memory usage (mmcgr)
  5. Enhanced profiler graphs (mmcgr)
  6. Productivity measures in profiler (mmcgr)
  7. General profiler enhancements (mmcgr)
  8. Added support for non-x86 platforms (mmcgr)
  9. Improve compilation speed (mmcgr)
  10. Bash autocompletion (mmcgr)
  11. Extended verbose mode (azreika/mmcgr)
  12. Reorder atoms to optimise evaluation speed (azreika)
  13. Profile-guided atom reordering (azreika)
  14. Various AST optimisations (azreika)