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The contributors with their code contributions are listed below:

  • Bernhard Scholz: project lead, design and implementation
  • Herbert Jordan: high-performance parallel data-structures, language extensions including records and components, static type system, major refactoring of the system
  • Paul Subotic: index selection for relations, language extensions (incl. nullary relations, bit-vectors)
  • Raihaan Amod: profiler
  • Alex Jordan: support designing/implementing the object-oriented C++ interface for Soufflé
  • Nicholas Allen: refactoring of the front-end
  • Kostyantyn Vorobyov: build system improvements, packages
  • Nathan Keynes: facilitating the open source process; uploading Soufflé to github.
  • Nicholas Hollingum: infrastructure, bug-fixes
  • Anton Jurisevic: bug fixes
  • Lyndon Henry: numerous bug fixes, Soufflé in the Cloud
  • Dominic Romanowski: new profiler rewritten in C++, generates html/js
  • Patrick Nappa: Equivalence relations
  • Abdul Karim Zreika: magic set transformation, inlining
  • Martin McGrane: new I/O system for relations, numerous bug fixes
  • David Zhao: provenance/debugging for Datalog
  • Samuel Isaac Arch: index selection for inequalities